One Cause of Miscommunication

Claudia has grown to be a wonderful daughter and friend. She has the most caring soul because she understands how it feels to be alone (only child). However, just like every relationship there will be times we have disagreements.

I have to admit that I do lose my temper with Claudia. When it comes to certain things that she doesn’t understand, we both end up getting frustrated. Our miscommunication causes us to get more angry that it leads us to forgetting how to listen. After what seems like an eternity, Claudia and I would sit down together and figure out where our disagreement started.

Left to right: Buddy, Bun Bun, Big Bunny, Sophia


  1. Ask for time for both parties to calm down.
  2. Let the child talk while you listen.
  3. Have the child listen while you talk.
  4. Explain the reason for the time-out.
  5. HUG IT OUT.


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