Opposites Attract

Husband (What I wrote) Name: Vong Age: 32 Hobbies: Almost any sport, music, power naps Love language: Physical touch Best Quality: Teaches you to see the other side of people‚Äôs story Worst Quality: Selective Memory Recently, my husband and I started disagreeing again. However, this time (after 10 years) I am realized he needs to … Continue reading Opposites Attract

Birthday Planning

First, we actually didn’t plan this birthday party. It was my daughter who thought of the idea because of the events that were happening this past weekend, she felt like it was the perfect timing. 12-3pm: Swimming 1:30p: Pick up cake 2pm: Cook 3:30pm: Everyone returns. 4pm: Eat My daughter spent most of her time … Continue reading Birthday Planning

Fashion-Part 2

Accessories Let’s talk about accessories. I believe that accessories can enhance an outfit. For example, a scarf could bring out the color and pattern of an outfit or be worn in different ways to express your style. Here I have three easy ways to style it. The headband style would be the perfect style for … Continue reading Fashion-Part 2