Yes! Back To School

“I like number 18 because it’s the age that I can start working and driving.” -Claudia

Hmm, yeah I am one of those mothers who was ready for their child to return to school. I ran out of ideas since my daughter finished gymnastics back in June. You have to admit that it doesn’t matter how many games or outdoor activities you can do, someone is bound to snap.

During my daughter’s open house we got to see the after school activities that the school offered. Claudia went straight to the one that she wanted to join last year but I told her the activity she wanted was very time consuming. So I told her she can participate in the activity that I just finished getting information from. She shook her head and walked away while I was thinking about her reason for not wanting to join the activity I picked.

I started to question myself.

How can I teach my daughter to be anything she wants if it’s me who is deciding for her? Is it wrong for me to pick an activity that works with the family’s work schedule? Will she miss out on future opportunities if this one activity was the start of her life?

I have watched the women in my life manage themselves and their family. Of course, I didn’t get to see my mom, but just the time that I got to spend with her, she worked from home. She chose to make less at home because of her kids. Now her kids are all grown, married and certified in different professions. My oldest sister married young, she always felt like she never accomplished her dreams, but now her oldest son is having her first grandchild. As for the second oldest sister, throughout all her pregnancies she was in school. Now her two oldest are in college and her oldest daughter wants to follow her into the medical field.

As I age I realize what the women in my life have in common. We had to accept that God has our kids in his hands. God is in control.

I will pray, be involved and communicate with Claudia as much as I can.

“Let them laugh.” -Der Yang (mom)

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