A long time ago when I use to buy clothes constantly, I didn’t know what to do with my out of season clothes. If fall came I would just leave my summer clothes hanging in my closet and wash it again the next summer. Throughout the years of no closet space to throwing clothes away, I picked up many tips and tricks along the way.

Tips and Tricks

  1. One month before the next season, try out all of your clothes that you want to store away. Donate what you didn’t wear or don’t like anymore.
  2. Wash “the chosen ones” and store them in air tight bags or totes.
  3. Bring out the next season clothes and figure out your goal for them. (Are they still in trend? Does it still fit me? Does the piece make me feel confident?)
  4. If you need something new, try to stay focused on buying pieces that can be versatile or you know you will keep for a long time.

  • Blue Stripe Sweater: Old, two years
  • Color Stripe Sweater: New
  • Pink Sweater: New
  • Burgundy Sweater: New
  • Nude Heels: Old, one year
  • Fila Forerunner: New
  • Black Ankle Boots: Old, one year
  • Leopard Sandal: New
  • Brown Ankle Boots: Old, one year
  • Leopard Ankle Boots: New
  • Left to right:
    • Old, two years
    • Old, two years
    • Old, one year
    • Old, one year
  • All new except the fanny pack and sunglasses.
    • Fanny Pack: Old, two years
    • Sunglasses: Old, four years

When I say new, it doesn’t mean I bought it right away. Every piece was purchased throughout the year and picked with a purpose. Which is to feel good, to last for a long time and to support the community.

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