First, we actually didn’t plan this birthday party. It was my daughter who thought of the idea because of the events that were happening this past weekend, she felt like it was the perfect timing.

  • 12-3pm: Swimming
  • 1:30p: Pick up cake
  • 2pm: Cook
  • 3:30pm: Everyone returns.
  • 4pm: Eat

My daughter spent most of her time at the YMCA this past summer that she felt like it was the best place to spend her birthday. Of course, we all know it’s because of the hot showers after a good swim.

While my husband was taking care of everyone at the YMCA. I went to pick up the cake and returned home to start cooking. The main food that we served at her party was Pho which was her favorite #1 noodle dish.

The cake was from Main Grain Bakery in Stevens Point, WI. I had their wonderful, chunky, affordable cookies and cheesecake a couple of times. So I thought why shouldn’t I order a cake from them too? The cake was wonderful if you wanted to know how it taste like. Also I only had one candle because I didn’t want to ruin the cake.


  • Money for her bike
  • Money for Robucks
  • L.O.L Dolls
  • Stuff Unicorn
  • Barbie
  • Handmade bracelet
  • Blanket (didn’t arrive yet)

The YMCA provides a lounge/area that you could set up and serve food. However, we didn’t use that because we’re Asian and Asians don’t eat finger food. Seriously though, it’s because the pho’s main flavor comes from the broth. I was not going to carry 18 gallons worth of broth to the YMCA lounge.

My husband and I felt like we didn’t need to spend money on a one time thing, decorations. Of course, I could have done it by hand and give it to someone else, but I had to plan everything in four days. Thank goodness the YMCA wasn’t reserved for that day and I still had time to order a cake.

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