Vision Board

This vision board that I have put together is to encourage me to keep moving forward. Home Everyone imagines having their own house one day to call home. Travel Any place affordable, but if I had to choose then it would be Japan. I have always admired their culture, fashion and history. Money There are … Continue reading Vision Board

Fashion-Part 4

Technology Although we don’t think much about it, our tech has become a part of our wardrobe. One particular style that has been trending is matching everything in one color. The other style is continuing to purchase items from the same company. Both of these styles have become very therapeutic and aesthetic for me. Apple … Continue reading Fashion-Part 4

Top 5 Books

The Nightingale Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood Pachinko I Was Anastasia The Secret Orphan I know, only 5 books chosen? I’m the type of person that will only read if the book catches my attention. For example, it could be something I can relate to or personally experienced it myself, I’m … Continue reading Top 5 Books