Please be advised. My story can be scary, don’t read it if you don’t feel like you are up to it.

His Rescue Story of Me

In 2004 the guys in my youth group made a promise that they would all get baptized together. I jumped into the promise without being asked that I will also get baptized at a church camp called HLUB. At the same time, I believed that Satan was watching as God was working in me. I had nightmares that caused me to have sleepless nights and even feared the thought of closing my eyes.

The dream

It was about 10 o’clock at night. I was standing outside of my elementary school ready to play hide and seek with my brothers and cousins. We went in and I hid behind the door because no one would expect it. Once we all hid, the seeker appeared at the door, but I only saw the shadow of a child. Chills went down my back making me realize we weren’t playing hide and seek anymore, we were being hunted. I waited until the seeker walked far enough away from me and I dashed outside as fast as I could.

I wanted to see if it was safe so I turned around, but somehow I ended up in the desert. The childlike figure had changed into a tornado and started chasing me. I grabbed the stick next to me and started writing out my prayer in the sand. As soon as I ended my prayer with “In Jesus name” I woke up and ran out of my room. I went to my mom telling her I just had a bad dream and needed her to pray for me. While my mom was getting up to pray for me, the front door had opened and I screamed “IT’S HERE TO GET ME.”

The reason I was scared was that our front door was rarely used. The only way to open/close the door was to use the vintage style key and we only had two copies. I thought the seeker had made it out of my dream too. However, that night my brother decided to use the front door. He also decides to swing the door up before walking through causing the whole incident to look like a gust of wind (spirit) came in.

It wasn’t that bad right?

Church Camp

Aside from the praying method, there were other nights that I would let my cassette player (older version of iPod) run. Then I would internally alarm myself to get up and switch the tape around when one side was done. I did this for a year because I felt like it was the only thing that was working. But I still pushed myself to understand what God had in store for me. If the devil was trying hard to keep me away, God must be something good right?

My only reason that I would have to back out of church camp was because it cost $300 to attend and my brother also wanted to go. My parents were not able to pay $600 for registration and give us spending money because my dad was the only one working. I won the scholarship for church camp that year cancelling any chances of excuses.

Church camp started and I was looking forward to getting baptized. On the day of baptism, I found out some of the boys got baptized before camp or changed their minds. One thing I didn’t see coming was that my brother decided to get baptized too.

To be honest, I didn’t feel any different from when I wasn’t baptized. I hyped myself from all those stories that I have heard about how baptism had changed people. The thing was that church camp baptism training was at 10 pm and I was so tired from the whole day. I knocked out during the training but some how managed my way up to sign to get baptized.

Baptism class is given when someone wanted to get baptized. They would take the class making sure they understood what baptism was. To help you from all the hype and heart ache, baptism is a symbol of your faith. Because you believed that Christ came, died on the cross for your sins and has risen from the dead. I learned that message after a couple of months of wondering when will I feel changed like everyone else. I also learned that it was a personal experience or journey that was between God and I. It wasn’t about when I was going to feel or be changed but it was more about what I was willing to change.

I’m not saying that following God is scary, but that following God is what Satan doesn’t want you to do. However, through all of my searching I found that God has already won our death battle. He is more powerful than Satan who still needs God’s permission. Finally, my most comforting words, that once He plants the seed in you, He will never forsake you.

“I always felt lost, but never alone. God had always sent people to help me when I was in need to understand Him.” -Pa

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