I have shared some major things about me. So today I want to share the little things about me.

10 Facts

  1. I think the skin of a black chicken looks like snake skin when it’s cooked.
  2. If I watch a movie and fall in love with it. I can watch it over a million times and still feel like my first time.
  3. I enjoy being alone a little too much that my husband thinks I’m doing it to avoid him.
  4. I actually have a harder time making friends than people think even if I’m comfortable socializing.
  5. I roll my eyes so much that sometimes my eyes twitch while I’m rolling them.
  6. I wanted to be a dancer.
  7. I have a red vein spot on my back that looks like a spider web.
  8. I use to wear a size 000 at 16.
  9. I don’t like violent movies, but apparently I did when Rain made the Ninja Assassin movie. My husband said I didn’t blink once. #JungJihoonforlife
  10. I love quoting movies that I could probably do it as a conversation.

Go head, share some facts about you too. I would love to know what little things makes us the same and different.

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