Although we don’t think much about it, our tech has become a part of our wardrobe.

One particular style that has been trending is matching everything in one color. The other style is continuing to purchase items from the same company. Both of these styles have become very therapeutic and aesthetic for me.

Apple iPhone XS Max

  • Apple Extra Smart Case : I use this case for when my battery is low or when I’m accessorizing in pink.
  • Clear Case: I use this case when I’m wearing every other color.

Apple Watch Series 4

  • White Band: This band came with the watch. I wear this one the most because I am always washing my hands at work and it’s easy to clean.
  • Pink Sand Band: I purchased this band for pink outfit days and for working out.
  • Louis Vuitton Band: This one is considered my luxury item because it is the closest that I will ever get to purchasing a real LV anything. I wear this band on my days off or for my second job where I am able to dress up more.

Apple 12.9 iPad Pro 2018 (3rd Generation)

I really wanted a case that can protect my iPad and have a keyboard. However, the cases with the iPad were heavy, didn’t match anything I had or was very expensive. I thought about purchasing a case and the Apple Magic Keyboard separately, but the keyboard alone was $99.

I decided on a plain black iPad case with a Bluetooth keyboard. I got the keyboard case from Amazon for less than $60 and added Susuwateri stickers from Etsy that were $4.

Share some of your fashion tech items.

2 replies on “Tech Wardrobe

  1. I never noticed that our tech items became part of our fashion statement. Haha! How do you like your iPad pro? I’m thinking about getting it!


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