Month: November 2019

Novembering Her

This month my husband and I will be celebrating our 12th year of marriage. Instead of talking about the ups and downs of our marriage, I’m going to share the memories of my mom on how she played a part of my marriage. If you read my very first post, Introduction, it talked about how […]


Fashion- Part 5

Holiday Edition Thao Family These outfits are what I have put together for my side of the family’s gathering this Thanksgiving. I might change them around based on the activities that we will have for that week, but this is the general idea. Tip: Since there is still time, pack what you have been wearing. […]


The Lovers Cage

There are many worlds and this one was a place full of magic, creatures, wizards, witches and love. The armory family were on vacation in the human world and as they were unpacking, Pricilla noticed that she forgot a few things. She told her husband, Ted, to go back home to grab the things she […]