There are many worlds and this one was a place full of magic, creatures, wizards, witches and love.

The armory family were on vacation in the human world and as they were unpacking, Pricilla noticed that she forgot a few things. She told her husband, Ted, to go back home to grab the things she needed. Ted took his two youngest twin girls with him. As they were riding their family bike, they transported into their world. The three of them laughed and enjoyed the view of the lake underwater while peddling to the surface. Once they got out of the lake, Ted saw at the corner of his eyes a white figure dash past him. He wasn’t sure if it was a rare white horse that only chose worthy witches and wizards to ride it or a white caterpillar demon.

Ted continued to pedal with caution because white horses also meant danger was coming. When Ted and the girls reached the front of their gates, the two gnomes that guarded the gates popped up. They told Ted that his other kids have already come back from the family’s vacation. The two older kids came out of hiding, “Hi, dad.” Then a virtual message was received by the gnome couples and they shared it with the family. “Message from mom: Where did everyone go? Is the vacation over? Julie, I hope this isn’t about that boy.” But Julie had enough of it and brushed the virtual figure away and walked towards their house. A gust of wind came very fast towards the family. Ted told the oldest son to take the girls and run towards home while he was fighting off the figure. Suddenly the wind started blowing harder and the clouds got dark as if it was looking for someone.

While the kids were running a marsh figure jumped in front of the kids, but a tree creature came out and cast a spell on the marsh figure. The marsh figure was slowly turned into a metal gateway to protect the family. The eldest son has asked the tree creature of its origins and how it came to protect them. The tree creature was the last of its kind. The kid’s parents were kind enough to give him a place to live and because of that he wanted to protect the family.

Ted and everyone got to the front door, the thing that was after the family came closer. The eldest son suddenly felt like he had to do something too so he pushed the tree creature inside the house and cast a spell on the door. He felt that if the tree creature was the last of his kind, then he should live on.

Then everyone turned to fight, but suddenly a light showed up and one of the great witches appeared.“Mom” the kids yelled out. Pricilla had put up a shield to protect everyone while opening the door to the house. Once inside, the eldest son had asked what that thing was. The youngest son ran upstairs with tons of metal items in his arms to visually display a story. He explained to everyone, “there are many crowns that great witches and wizards wear. These crowns not only symbolize who they are, but when it senses that there is love that will destroy the world, they will call on each other to connect, create this cage and trap the two lovers.”

Everyone looked at one another, then slowly towards Julie.

“The best fantasy is within your own dreams.”-Pa Thao

This short story was only a dream that I had. I’m not artistic enough to draw out my dreams. So for now words are the only way I can entertain you with.

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