This past weekend my family and I spend a lot of time enjoying the indoors rather than spending money. How we did that was focus on spending time together by playing games. This year I collected memories of my family through games.

Thanksgiving Day

Wrestling to take the marshmallows
  • Dangling Marshmallow: Tie a marshmallow to the end of a yarn string. Measure the length of where the marshmallow hits your knee to your waist then tie the yarn around your waist. The object of this game is to pull the marshmallow completely off the string. Last person to keep their marshmallow until the end of the night wins.
  • Kids v.s Adults Trivia
  • Minute To Win It: You and your partner will use plates to transfer five dried spaghetti noodle to another plate one at a time without breaking the noodles. The plates that you are using will be taped on the back so your hands can have a grip on the plate.
Left: Brother, Right: Nephew
  • Face Pins: Using clothes pins, you will pin a part of your face when it is called out. Whoever makes any type of noise or if any pins fall off, you are out. The last 4 people will rock, paper or scissor it out. Unless everyone gives up before the last person.
  • Mafia: Using regular playing cards, based on the number of people you have. 1 Killer (King card), 1 Nurse (Queen card), 1 Cop (Jack card), any number as a citizen and one Narrator. The object of this game is to find the killers to stop them without revealing your characters before they eliminate everyone else.

Friday Night

  • Catan: Settlers
  • Avalon
  • Uno
When your Five-Dollar Footlong comes out to $11.39
  • What Do You Meme?- Adult version


  • Catan: Settlers
  • Uno
  • Poker

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