Jan 26th-31st 2020

Junk Journal January Day 26: Hidden Treasure I thought about making a treasure box but when I was looking through my stuff, I found some random printed pictures. What better way to keep your memories and in one place? Day 27: Celebrations Celebrated a good work day. Sometimes I leave work feeling like I didn’t … Continue reading Jan 26th-31st 2020

Jan 21st-25th 2020

Junk Journal January Day 21: Evening Pages 98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit Isn’t the Average Anymore Last time it was morning pages and this week it’s about writing in the evening. What I chose for this entry is a article I read about how the normal human body temperature has changed. This study has not been conducted … Continue reading Jan 21st-25th 2020

Jan 16th-20th 2020

Junk Journal January Day 16: Life Lesson Dad: “Work hard because money is important.” My father was never able spend his money on himself. His goal was to take care of his children and to spend his money for daily necessities. He could have stopped working for health issues but money moves everything. Mom: “Keep … Continue reading Jan 16th-20th 2020