Junk Journal January

Day 1: New Resolution

  • Eat Healthy
  • Drink less coffee and soda
  • More water

Day 2: Cozy Vibe

Spent the day relaxing by setting up layouts in my bullet journal and junk journal. I also got some free mood lotion samples from American Eagle so I used the Lavender scented lotion. I was able to stay in bed for a little bit which was refreshing.

Day 3: Upcycle

I used my old candle jar as a flower vase to put on my tv stand. Before I had a 5 inch pot stand but people kept complaining that it was in the way.

Day 4: Morning Pages

I have not written my morning thoughts in a while so this challenge was very refreshing. The thing was that my husband was actually the one who brought up the topic. I thought it was very interesting because he never really pays attention to politics or government issues unless I bring it up to him. I have my own opinion about current events But i know that everything is under God’s control.

Day 5: Textured

I believe that I did a great job last year with spending less on clothes. This year my wardrobe will consist of the basic palette since I have more of the color black to branch off from. Of course it doesn’t mean spend more to get the whole collection. The basic palette is a way for me to stay focused on my budget.

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