Junk Journal January

Day 6: Stickers

Day 6 was a bit of a challenge because I wasn’t sure what theme I wanted to do. After looking at all my stickers I noticed that I had a lot of gold ones so I used as much gold stickers as I could without overwhelming my journal.

Day 7: Save A Tag

These candle were introduced to me when I was working at my previous job. I love the No.9 candle so much that I carry it around me hoping that I would magically start smelling like the candle. As for No.4, I purchased more of them as they were in stock at the time of my purchase. I also enjoy the scent of it.

Day 8: Vintage Vibes

I have to admit that the vintage style is not me. However, I do enjoy the vibe that it has which allows me to just throw other vintage things together and it looks good. The picture that I added was when my family and I had a girls tea party and the theme was 1945.

Day 9: Happy Mail

My only happy mail is when there is no mail because it’s just bills that come. I am sending my, stay at home mom, sister in law a package of crafting items because she enjoys this hobby also.

Day 10: Nature Lover

I thought about writing about how much I appreciate season changes, but it made me think about how much the Earth is actually dying. It doesn’t matter how well or close we are to using safe products, we are still destroying the earth. My goal for today is to unplug or turn off things that we don’t use at night.

Week 1-5
If you didn’t get the chance to see my first five days check it out. I believe it’s just as awesome.

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