Junk Journal January

Day 11: Sweet Treat

There are many treats in the world but my treat for today is a grapefruit. Well also because my mother in law bought a lot and reminds me every 5 minutes to eat one.

Day 12: Envelope

Envelopes remind me of letters. Usually when I want to share something or just miss my family, I would send letters out.
These envelopes have the last names of the married men on both sides of our family. I messed up quite a lot for the black wax seals if you can’t tell (I hope not).

Day 13: Layers

I love clothes and layering them is even more fun. Also comment down below if you find the hidden layer.

Day 14: Cosy Drink

Caffeine drinks.

Day 15: A List

My husband and I are planning to remodel as much as we can with his mom’s house. Every room has a list, budget and plan. Hopefully we can stick to it.

If you missed days 1-5 and 6-10 it’s here for you.

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