1. Buy something that speaks to you. I definitely heard this scarf speak to me or was it the sales associate? Either way I’m glad I bought it awhile ago. It has helped me everyday so far this month. I just pull back my hair in a bun or low ponytail then tie the scarf around my head giving it that headband look. This scarf speaks mommy vibes; I just woke up but still look “put together”.

2. Have a spa day at home with the stuff you already have so you don’t spend money. I put plain coconut oil in my hair and leave it in all day. Then I shower in the late afternoon. I don’t know all the benefits or other hair remedies but this method has helped hydrate my hair for two years now. Plain and simple.

3. Reading a book and keeping your phone down. I have been reading books from the same author, Kristian Hannah. This allows me to focus knowing that whatever book I read from her keeps me distracted and entertained. I recommend The Nightingale as the first book to pick up.

4. I had a personal journal but when my husband read it, he felt like I had too much anger (dark times). I became upset because I felt like I couldn’t express it if he is going to read it and judge me. Over the years, my husband has learned that I need space for myself but I also learned that journaling isn’t about a place for you to close yourself in. Journaling can be about anything and could even be used to inspire others.

5. Workout. Most people think that working out is all about losing weight or having instant results. This causes more stress and less confidence in themselves. They never think about how it can be a time for their mind and body. When I workout, I relieve my stress with stretching. As for intense workouts, it’s to challenge and allow myself to feel good about myself. Be content.

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