Junk Journal January

Day 16: Life Lesson

Dad: “Work hard because money is important.” My father was never able spend his money on himself. His goal was to take care of his children and to spend his money for daily necessities. He could have stopped working for health issues but money moves everything.

Mom: “Keep some things to yourself. Don’t allow people to know the whole you.” I don’t know what my mom went through in her life to feel like she always had to hide. Now that I am older, her words have become a part of my life and I understand now why she taught me that lesson. People can hurt or use you to benefit themselves.

Day 17: Favorite Things

  • Assembly Shop- Local shop
  • Starbucks coffee
  • Road Trip’s because we get to enjoy each other’s presence without electronics
  • Sunglasses because it gives me confidence and covers my eyes when I roll them at certain people.
  • My morning routine: get my daughter ready and send her to school, drink coffee and eat breakfast in my car before work
  • Cold drinks even in winter but only when I’m inside
  • Warm washed laundry
  • All fries
  • A family of 3 is so fun
  • Staycation because packing just causes stress if I forget something.

Day 18: Feeling Good

Another shopping day and I had so much fun. There were great sales and I got the last winter hat that was available at my favorite shop. My favorite purchase however was the snow pants I got from the boys section for $13. My daughter loved the idea because now I have no excuse to not play with her in the snow.

Day 19: Mixed Media

I tried to add my daughter’s ideas into this theme. It’s not something I would have done but it’s something my daughter and I get to share, time together.

Day 20: Self Care

  • Coffee
  • Work out
  • Pray

I also wanted to share about my daughter’s day learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.
My daughter came home telling me about her great day. I asked what made her day special from the other days? She said because she learned about how Martin Luther King, Jr was a great and peaceful man but she was sad to also hear that he was assassinated.

If you missed the other 15 days here are the links.

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