Junk Journal January

Day 21: Evening Pages

98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit Isn’t the Average Anymore

Last time it was morning pages and this week it’s about writing in the evening. What I chose for this entry is a article I read about how the normal human body temperature has changed. This study has not been conducted since 1869 which was what fascinated me to read the article. This time around the new average human body temperature is 97.5 degrees.

Day 22: Neutral

I picked circles as the neutral color shape because it reminded me about my husband. When we dated, I asked my husband for his option about how I should decorate my room. He said that I should have circles on one wall. I took his idea into consideration and when I was finished with the room, I told him that his awesome idea was my inspiration. The unromantic/real story was that when I told him, he thought I was stupid for using his idea. Years later he said he only called me stupid because he has never thought a girl would care for his opinion.

Day 23: One Color Only

Black. That’s it. My color this year again is black because it goes with almost everything. Of course, I would incorporate it with other colors but I don’t want to spend so much on unnecessary things either.

Day 24: Quote Of The Day

“You’ve got someone standing beside you that’s stronger than the one standing against you.”

Joshua 1:5

Day 25: #Bookinstagram

Reading every night to your child is really beneficial. They not only learn to read better but they are able to use their imagination, understand different cultures and learn how to express themselves.

Here are the last 20 days of this challenge if you wanted to check them out or need some ideas.

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