Junk Journal January

Day 26: Hidden Treasure

I thought about making a treasure box but when I was looking through my stuff, I found some random printed pictures. What better way to keep your memories and in one place?

Day 27: Celebrations

Celebrated a good work day. Sometimes I leave work feeling like I didn’t do enough causing others to be burdened by what I didn’t finish. Today, I walked out of work feeling confident that I did enough because I didn’t let what others might think of me bother me.

Day 28: Music

Eminem just came out with his new album. My husband and I had listen to the song “Darkness” and thought about how it will cause a lot of anger towards those who don’t understand that loneliness.As for my thoughts, I am not as brave so I will keep it to myself.

Day 29: Good Vibes

My husband and I had an almost perfect argument. We didn’t play the blame game nor did we bring up the past. We went straight to the point and apologized for what we each felt that we did wrong.

Day 30: Gratitude

I was never big on counting my blessings because I always felt like I am blessed. I realized that I was being selfish for not appreciating what others do for me. I felt sad because it wasn’t something I deserved but it was their gift to give. Now I’m keeping track and saying my “thank yous.”

Day 31: Bloom

How has this junk journal for January journey been for you? I have enjoyed this challenge because it made me use more of my mind and spent less on materials. One thing for sure is that it can be time consuming but I didn’t mind because I counted that time as my self care times. Thank you for following me along on this journey. May we all continue to bloom and bless others with our lives.

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