I made a list of ideas for parents who are able to stay home with their kids and sitters. Don’t go out to spend money if it’s something you don’t want to risk especially if you have to take your kids along.


Technology can be good and bad when it comes to parenting. It’s good because it is the new future but bad when your kid is glued to it. The best thing is to monitor what they watch or download. For example, using Apps that are kid friendly and setting up your family sharing to watch what they download.

Cleaning Day/Week

Have the kids help you clean. I know most kids hate that but have them do things you know they will enjoy. My daughter likes the swifter wet mop so I let her do that part of cleaning. Also when it comes to her things, I let her make the decision. For example, which toy she can keep and which piece of clothing she needs to toss.


My daughter hates this part because she actually ends up falling asleep. She feels that it cuts down her time to spend on Roblox. The one thing I reassure her when it comes to these things is that the game or her iPad isn’t going anywhere. Taking a nap or doing other things doesn’t mean she has less time on her iPad but that she is practicing self care.


My daughter loves working out. This is actually one activity she enjoys and feels like we are truly spending time together. Just play a YouTube video and workout together. Challenge each other to stand on one leg for 30 seconds or see who can hold their arms up the longest. Good activity to tire them out.

Board Games

Depending on your child’s age, be patient to introduce a new board game to them. Catan (Settlers) is a board game that many of the kids that I am around enjoys. It can take about 1 hour to finish one game if the players are not as competitive.

My daughter doesn’t enjoy Catan but she enjoys Monopoly and this version we are playing with is the Monopoly Gamer: Mario Edition.

Arts and Crafts

When I got into bullet journaling my daughter wanted to join me but I didn’t allow her to draw inside my journal. Of course, I eventually felt bad so I told her to draw pictures for me and I made it the cover and theme for that month or that week. Since then I received drawing from her nonstop.

Another topic related activity is teaching them old school stuff. When I was at the age of playing with dolls my parents weren’t able to afford every new piece of Barbie accessory. One thing that I’m glad I was exposed to was seeing my mom use a thread and needle. So for every doll that I owned, I cut and sewed clothes for them by hand.

School Schedule

Most schools have a list of main activities that they focus on throughout the week. Use that list as a guide for each day. For example on Mondays, my daughter’s class focuses on computer and music. So play/teach educational games that you can play with them. Then teach them a new song that can encourage them to retain what they’ve just learned.

Schools now have Apps to update parents or share what their kids are learning. If their teacher was able to share a list of things they want your child to focus on, print or write out the list and focus on that throughout the day/week.


Many times we stress about how to entertain our kids but we forget to ask them. So ask them what they would like to do that is safe in the house. Whether that’s playing with their toys or using their imagination.

Order for pick up

There are many stores now that have order and pick up. Aside from your groceries, pick out a few activity packets or board games. While driving back and forth, take the long route. During that route stop in front of your local river and just enjoy the scenery.

Thank you for stopping by. Be safe. Have tons of fun.

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