Sorry, this isn’t a post about basketball.

If you have been following me on my No Spend journey, I want to thank you and if you haven’t then follow along.

In February my No Spend goal was to not buy a single piece of clothing. The purpose of it was to wear what I already have and see if I can live with just those items. I was able to because most of my schedule consisted of wearing my work uniform or pajamas because my daughter and I got sick (not coronavirus just Influenza B). I was able to save a little money to do a home project, which was to remodel my daughter’s room.

This past March was a little more difficult because I didn’t work due to the Stay At Home policy. I did what I could with the little extra cash that I saved up. We spent money on groceries, on an emergency situation and items to keep us entertained. I felt like I didn’t do well and that it was my fault because I could have done more or better.

My No Spend goal for the month of March was to not spend money on accessories. The list consist of flowers, jewelries, shoes, bags, candles and other smaller items. I did however spend a little bit on replacing items I needed in my wardrobe which happened before our emergency.

The most wonderful part about it was how supportive my husband has been. Before the madness, I think he really got to see proof that I could save, that I was trying and that I wanted to change. That is from my point of view. My husband doesn’t really think much of my spending habits unless I am just wasting money. When I waste money, he would kind of hint things to me that I am spending too much by saying his famous words “it’s up to you.”

Recap of my No Spend journey for the month of March; I did spend money to replace some items but the goal was only if it was necessary. I didn’t plan to have another no spend goal at the same time however, these goals balanced each other out because the money I didn’t spend was being put towards the things I needed.

Remember that having a goal isn’t all about finishing it but a journey you are on and can look back to how much you have grown.


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