The Japanese Ritual for Glowing Skin

I think I have finally found my go to skin care products.

The Tatcha brand has always been expensive. Whenever I found one of their items to be on sale, it was still not reasonable for me to purchase and try it out. The more affordable routine that I have been doing is using items that my husband has because he has products for his face. That was not a good idea because his products targeted acne while I didn’t have that problem, I had dry skin.

Throughout the years I used Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer or Clinque moisturizer. I knew these steps were giving me the proper care for what my skin really needed. After wasting money on products I hoped to have helped me, I decided to purchase the Tatcha glowing skin kit.

Day 1:

Morning: Started with Step 1- 2, then applied a toner. Step 3 and Step 4.

Night: Used my previous products Cetaphil cleaners and Clinque moisturizer as my night routine.

Day 2:

Morning: I noticed my skin felt dry. Started with Steps 1-2, toner, gel mask and finally Steps 3-4.

Night: Steps 1-2 then straight to Clinque moisturizer.

Day 3:

Morning: Face was too moist that I didn’t sleep well. Applied Steps 1-2, Toner and Steps 3-4.

Night: Steps 1-3

Day 4:

Morning: My face was dry but it was not uncomfortably dry like night routine for day 1. Applied Steps 1-2, toner then Steps 3-4.

Night: Steps 1-3

Day 5:

Morning: Applied Steps 1-2, Toner, Gel Mask and Steps 3-4.

Night: Steps 1-3

My overall review is that it has been the best product I have ever used. I noticed that my face no longer feels dehydrated and it shows because of the Dewy moisturizer. Which can be the breaker for most people because it can be a bit heavy on their face. I am planning on purchasing other things from this brand again. I will update you on that and on how I am doing with the rest of this new product routine.

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