The month of May is coming and I hope that we are all coping well from the world problem that we all are still facing. I know that everyone is facing it differently but know your sufferings are heard. Let time comfort you and God hear you.

May Cover

I found this face drawing from Pinterest when I was looking for layouts to try out. This drawing shouted “self love.”

Monthly Layout

This month is when my work schedule changes so I won’t be working as much because of other plans that I hope to share with you soon. It is also a time when family usually visits, but we shall see what happens since the stay at home policy has expanded.

Weekly Layout

I plan to at least once a week to learn something new. Just something short like a TEDtalk or a new dance move. I didn’t add it in my habit tracker because I want it to be something fun and not something that is a self discipline habit.

Habit Tracker

  • I had mentioned in my January post about starting a workout routine with a friend. My family got sick and then her family got sick and the cycle started again leading us to waste a month of not working out together. Hopefully we can start it again,
  • Drink more water, less coffee and less soda.
  • My No Spend goal started in February with no spending on clothes. Then for March my goal was to not spend money on accessories. As for the month of April, I took the same goal as everyone which was to not buy anything that isn’t considered an essential. Of course, I didn’t do so well because I was so bored and ordered my nonessentials online. Sorry, not sorry.

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