No Spend April

Welcome back to this Fashion series about my goal towards spending less. Just a quick recap of when I decided to start this No Spend Challenge for those who are jumping in now. I started back in February after many years of spending with no purpose. Then I decided to start spending reasonably and responsibly when I realized I was getting no where in life.

In February I started out with not spending money on clothes. Then for March my goal was to stop spending money on accessories. As for April, my goal was to only spend money on essentials.

April has been the toughest month yet because of all the new budget changes we had to make. For example, we usually spend around $100-150 every two to three weeks for food. Our plans had to change and decided on buying a whole month worth of food and other household essentials. We also had to buy a new table and chair to make an office for my husband. Of course, what is a quarantine without buying a whole bunch of stuff to entertain yourself at home? Hey, I’m helping the economy right? NOT.

No, I didn’t do well but I’m not going to beat myself up for it. I know that I will have to push myself harder and not let myself fall again.

Be happy with what you can do, not only on what you can achieve.

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