Welcome to the May No Spend Challenge. I started this challenge because I needed to change and the one thing that I didn’t have control of was how I spent my money. This idea popped in my head after I realized I didn’t buy a single “I want this” item in January.

I don’t have a specific challenge picked out for this month because I was losing motivation based on the budget changes but I didn’t want to give up. In order for me to not give up, I had my husband write out the bills that he felt was the most important to him. My husband made a list and then we put them from most to least important. Aside from the lists, we had to think about what the month of June would bring us. Our state’s stay at home was lifted 2 weeks earlier than what was set and I am still unemployed.

My husband reassures me everyday that God said tomorrow is for tomorrow. The problem is that I am the type of person who does everything according to the rules but only gets 60% of good results. For example, I could plan a month ahead and most of my plans won’t happen. While my husband doesn’t plan anything or ahead of time and everything goes according to his plans that same day.

I’m done venting.


  1. Pay off small bills.
  2. Month to month budget plan.
  3. Everyone has to be on the same page mentally.
  4. Finance app tracker that we both use and synced on our phones through gmail.

June is here, welcome. Be safe. Stay safe.

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