We are finally moving out!

It’s been 10 years since my husband and I have been on our own. When we first moved out we thought that we had everything under control. It wasn’t just because adulting was hard but that year everything was going down hill for the both of us.


  • Health problems and had to quit my job
  • Financial problems
  • Car got broken into
  • My mom passed away
  • My father in law passed away two months after my mom
  • Moved back in with my mother in law

Big Decisions

The reason we moved back in with my mother in law was because she needed someone to help care for her. Our reason was that since our lease was ending and we were struggling financially. My husband thought it was our best option to help us so win,win. Honesty, I did not want to move back in, I enjoyed my space, however, I also knew that moving back was the best option.

Other side of the story

Although living with family has been great, there wasn’t room for two queen bees. I struggled with being the daughter in law I needed to be. Overtime, that role became a burden on me causing me to believe that was my life. My husband eventually started seeing my struggle and felt like it was time for us to move out. This move isn’t to get away from my problems or to shut anyone out but to find time and space to heal.

Please follow along with this new journey of mine.

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