What is one good habit that you learned from someone and practiced it? I picked up my mom’s cleaning habit and used it as a stress reliever. I just don’t like cleaning if someone purposely makes a mess.

I like to believe that my mom would have been the first Hmong minimalist. She kept her car clean all the time, kept her clothes in good condition and even talked to plants. Well you don’t have to talk to plants to be a minimalist but you get the idea. This habit kept me on my toes all the time to keep everything I own cleaned and organized.


When I got married, cleaning became harder for me because I felt like I had to teach other people to care for their belongings. My husband was no help because he was the type to clean when he felt like there was a “real’’ mess. My mother in law only cleaned in the spring and when she vacuumed it was just so there was a path. It’s not entirely her habit though because she had to raise 10 kids. When I had my daughter I assumed I would have someone to be on my side but she only cleans when I tell her to.

daughter’s daily room

My most infamous cleaning happened last summer when I got fed up with the way my mother in law’s house closets were . That’s right CLOSETS. So I did what most daughters in law who had no guts to do in the open, make their mother in law throw out her belongings. Okay that might have sounded a little mean but I had my reasons (if only I had taken pictures as proof). Anyways, I took the methods of YouTubers that there should be three piles. Keep, throw away and maybe but I didn’t allow that in my mother in law’s case. She would have just kept them all and make everything fit into two closets to make me stop. My mother in law was absolutely not happy during this elimination process she even called all her girl friends.

Maybe I am a little harsh because I get mad when no one picks up a piece of chip that was left on the floor for 3 days? I eventually learned that not everyone will clean the same way as I do and that there are people who need a list. They might not find that cleaning or keeping a clean house is necessary but if they are willing to do what is on the list, I’ll take it.

Happy cleaning!

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