I have turned 32 and I feel like I have never been in such a better place, me. I wanted to share 5 things that I have decided to invest in based on the experiences I have been through. I hope you find this as true as I do or helpful in some way.

I have decided to invest in….

1. My marriage. You probably thought that I should have done that when I said “I do” but life gets to you. It makes you think about your life, the hardships and if it was worth it. I believe that my husband and I have come to a place where we can meet in the middle, compromising (without the long week silent treatment). In return I hope to just grow old together.

2. Essentials. If you followed me on my No Spend Challenge I stopped spending money on nonessential things. We were basically living paycheck to paycheck. I absolutely couldn’t come home without spending some money. Now I choose to buy only essential things. If I can wait a week I probably didn’t need it.

3. Spending more time outside. The saddest part about the stay at home order was that we didn’t go outside for almost 3 months. If the grass grew my husband would cut it. If we need groceries we would spend double the money on groceries to keep us longer/safer at home. I believe that this pandemic became a stressed overtime because we all started getting tired of being stuffed inside. So we bought some lawn chairs and decided we would spend as much time as we can even if it was to just sit outside.

4. Quality clothes and accessories. I know I said I am on a no spending challenge but I meant that every piece of clothing or accessories that I purchase from now on should last me even if it costs a little more. I have to learn to wear it, use it and take care of them. I know that in the long run it would save me from spending more. If I can wait a week I probably didn’t need it.

5. Bills/Debt. Even though I still didn’t do great on paying off my debt, I feel good about being able to pay off something. My husband and I plan to invest in a home in the near future so paying off debts will help better our chances.

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