I have lived with my mother in law for over 10 years. Throughout those years it was a mental struggle because I never got the privilege of having my own space. Now that my family and I are on our own I get to do them on my own time.

  1. Being able to dress more freely. I would like to wake up and just keep that look all day.
  2. Throwing dishes in the sink and not having to wash them immediately. We also have a dishwasher now, that’s a plus.
  3. Waking up when I want to.
  4. I can come and go as I please.
  5. My definition of a clean place isn’t just pushing stuff to the side to give that “illusion” that it’s clean.
  6. Working out in the living room. Please look forward to abs coming near you.
  7. Be an adult at my own pace.
  8. Find healing.
  9. Focus on my family.
  10. Enjoy my life.

What were your first things you did when you moved out on your own?

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