One Month Anniversary.

My family and I announced a couple months ago that we were moving out. July was our moving month and it has been a month since our move. The first month has been all about adjusting to things, figuring out a new routine and enjoying our adulting life.


Living in an apartment doesn’t seem as mentally safe as it is when you have your own home. I’m not saying that this neighborhood isn’t safe but it’s just a new place that I have still have to build trust with everything. There are other things that we have to adjust to such as going out to buy little things. If we both wanted to go run errands together like groceries I would have to make a list and my husband would have to go fill my both errand needs. It isn’t all bad because we stick to the list and eat everything before we start go out again to shop.

New Routine


  • 8:00- Wake up/Wash up
  • 8:30- Work out
  • 9:00- Shower
  • 9:30- Cook enough for the whole day/Breakfast
  • 10:00- Chill


  • 12:00- Lunch
  • 12:30- Walk outside for 10 minutes/Check mail box
  • 1:00- Journal
  • 2:00- Light workout
  • 2:30- Chill
  • 3:30- Clean/Put everything back to it’s place
  • 4:30- Husband gets off work/Eat dinner


  • 5:00- Outdoor activity
  • 7:00- Eat something light
  • 10:00- Day ends

We adjust our schedule when it comes to grocery runs, appointments or work.


People usually define happiness through the little things or when they have someone they love around them. How I defined true happiness is letting go of my selfishness. What I learned a long time ago and was recently reminded of, is that I depend too much on people and material things to make me happy. How I dealt with it this time was letting go of my pride in feeling embarrassed about everything or taking everything personally. This not only affected how people viewed me but it also made me not want to listen to good criticism. If I had changed in the beginning of my marriage maybe I would have had a house of my own by now. I don’t regret it because I don’t want to dwell in my past so much that I can’t move on. I know that whatever path I took God was always there and my husband is here to support me.

Please look forward to this new series. See you in the next one.

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