Fall is upon us and some of you might be wondering if you can decorate your place on a budget. The answer is ABSOLUTELY because we are all on a budget but still want some fall into our homes. I have one idea that can save money and bring in the fall vibes with the things you already have.

First, look at everything that you have, including items that you have stored away from last year, and gather them together. Then see what item stands out to you and use that item as your guide to decorate your home. Anything works as long as you are willing to give in a little to change.

Air plants are the most perfect plants to decor because they need little to no attention. If you see the beauty of the plant you can see the way it has it’s own style. Placing the air plant between books, your electronics or jewelry gives them an enchanted look.

Yarn is the best craft item to have around because it can be used in many ways. For example, it can be made into a trivet, coster, tassel garland or a throw blanket. The picture above was my example of how I used yarn to decorate my home.

I am not artistic to share an example of a good hand drawn print. If you know someone, ask them to help draw something simple or write your favorite quote in calligraphy. Last year I purchased a print from Etsy and I will be using that to decorate my place for fall.

Let us inspire each other. What are some of your money saving decor ideas?

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