Fall season is here and everything is changing, so have we, but lets not allow ourselves to FALL away from enjoying life. Here are my 5 favorite things that I enjoyed last year and thought of for this year.

  1. Trail walking or biking. Since the pandemic started, a lot of people started to find outdoor activities and one of them is biking. There were bikes out of stock for five month so we did what we do best, walk.
  2. Take Pictures. I love taking pictures and it doesn’t matter who it is or what it’s about. Everyone sees beauty and art differently and I always try to capture that in my head. I caught you off guard huh? This idea was taken from an episode of The Office where Jim and Pam drive to Niagara Falls for their wedding. Pam said that her aunt told her to take mental pictures of their wedding.
  3. Visit a local farm. People have been doing this for a long time and usually during the fall or as an activity for their kids. When I visited my first local farm it wasn’t as exciting but it was something to do. Years later I realized that I was helping my community by shopping locally. The donuts, apples and maple syrup all taste much more fresh when compared to the brands I get from big corporations.
  4. Organizing. You didn’t think organizing should be included as a fun thing to do huh? Well I believe that organizing and cleaning your home is the best way to bring joy mentally. If we have a clean space (even though it might get dirty again) we allow ourselves to see a clearer path of what we need and don’t need.
  5. Watch a movie outside. To be honest I never really allowed myself to enjoy the outdoors. I was always afraid of people judging me for being too loud or doing something different. I know watching movies outside shouldn’t be something I am worried about but I just don’t like to bother people. This time I want to be different and loud with my joy in hopes that it would bring joy to someone else too.

I want to know what you usually do for the fall season. Let me know.

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