The month of August was such a rush due to enjoying the last bit of summer. It was also preparing for our new bills and purchasing school items for my daughter. Let’s look into how I spent my money for the month of August.

Home Decoration.

I tired not to focus on buying everything all at once. Instead, I ended up buying the little things. For example, I bought more pots for my plants because I can see it needed to be repotted soon. I spent about $50 in this area.


Even though my daughter will be spending the first school session with me, I still bought her some clothes because she was growing out of her fall clothes from last year. I had also invested in some lounge clothes. The ones I had before were starting to shrink from wearing and washing them too much. I spent $200 in this area.

School items.

I was unsure of what to purchase because there wasn’t a separate list for kids who were planning to virtually learn from home so I bought everything. My daughter also needed a desk to do her work on so we purchased a small table for her. In this area I spent $250.

Order out.

I’m not going to hide this but this month we have spent the most money on eating out. My favorite restaurant had opened up again with new owners so $ gone. We have also been going to to the beach a lot to enjoy the outdoors. In this area we spent about $150.

What I could have done differently.

Instead of spending money on home decorations at Lowe’s I could have gone to Goodwill to find my new pots and save some extra bucks. Clothes wasn’t necessary yet because it wasn’t like my family and I didn’t have any other clothes to wear since we would all be at home. I believe I did alright in purchasing school items for my daughter especially the table because she needed one anyways. The one area that I regret the most was spending money on take outs but I don’t regret making the memories.

Overall, I had a great August and I believed it showed. My marriage doesn’t seem to be hanging on a cliff all the time anymore. My stress isn’t being transferred to my family that they always feel like they are walking on egg shells everyday. The best feedback was my family telling me I sounded so much happier now.

Have a great September everyone.

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