My mom loved plants so much that she would collect, share, use and even talk to them. She loved spending time with her plants that when she started getting sick all she did was sit outside with her plants. I wish I was able to have a picture of my mom’s paradise. Now in my 30’s, I have come to start a plant journey of my own.

I bought this plant on July 18th 2020 at a local boutique that was collaborating with a plant shop. It was also the same weekend that my family moved out of my mother’s in laws house so I thought what a perfect item for a new beginning. The owners of the plant shop had said I picked the perfect plant since I mentioned I didn’t have a green thumb. This Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant, also known as Zz plant, was a hard plant to kill because it didn’t need much attention.

Week 1

I was stressed about keeping this plant alive that I watched a million videos on YouTube on how to care for it. They all said the same which was water it and leave it alone but they didn’t know I’m a Plant Killer.


My mother in law would lose one or two plants when she leaves her plants in my care, she would only be gone for a week.

My sister kept our moms banana tree and gave me a small branch. On the drive home, which was a seven hour drive, my sister said not to worry so much since she already watered it before giving it to me. The banana tree didn’t make it home safely because it was completely brown, the next day it died. I’m not exaggerating either, that’s just how bad I was at caring for it.

Week 2-3

I watered the Zz plant twice and noticed that nothing was happening. Yes, that’s how fast I think plants should be growing. I did notice some white web like stuff on the leaves and looked up what I should be doing. I cut off the leaves that looked yellow/brown and washed the leaves with soap and water. I had also repotted the plant into a bigger pot since the nursery pot was bulging.

You can find my repotting video in my Instagram IGTV videos. Link to my Instagram is on the Home page.

Week 4-5

In week 4 and 5 I only watered it once since I felt like it was yellow because of my constant worry if I was watering it enough. The day before I noticed some results I told my husband “my plant looks alive but dying too.” He made fun of me by saying “so your plants are trying to live while you are killing it?” Anyways the next day the plant had started to sprout a new branch. Then a few days later the other branches started blooming too.

I am so excited to see the patience and care I was able to give to this plant. I will continue to keep everyone updated on this new collection.

If you have any plants, let me know what they are and how you care for them.

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