What can I say that would be different for the month of October? I think it has been the toughest month since I decided to stay home from work to home school my daughter. I don’t regret my decision to stay home to keep my family and I safe. It’s just a lot harder to be even more frugal than before on one income.

Cold Turkey

So I have decided to just cold turkey my home decor items. I believe that department has a lot do to with where my money goes to especially because we have only been here in our place for three months. With all the holidays that are coming up, I am glad that I have collected and kept my my home decors from my previous place. It helps with keeping me in check that I don’t have to buy a whole set of Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas items. This past October we kept everything simple: 1 pumpkin, 1 kid costume, 1 favorite candy for each person and 1 window foam pumpkin kit. As for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I plan to just rearrange my decor because most of them are very minimalist and my Christmas items from last year are all white.

November Plans

My plans for November were based on the Covid-19 numbers in the city that I live in and one of them is to continue to stay home to home school my daughter. Yes, I won’t have extra money for the little things like Starbucks every Thursday morning, family take outs or arts and crafts items. That’s the sacrifice everyone is making too and it shouldn’t be something I can’t give up based on my own financial situations.

Until we meet again my friends, I hope that everyone is able to stay financially stable and safe.

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