Another year has past and here I am in my 13th year of marriage with my husband. Currently, I am reading the whole book Song of Solomon from the Bible. Song of Soloman is one of my husband’s favorite book and because of that I believe that is the reason he is such an affectionate husband.

The Little Things

You know how in movies the leading guy is always doing these cute things for their leading lady? My husband is definitely a leading guy in expressing his love for me. The little things that he still does is opening the door for me or blocking the sun from my eyes when I’m napping. He still sits outside the bathroom in case I need him when I get lightheaded from my periods. These are the little things that I know will never change because his love for me has not changed for the past 13 years.

Chapter 1

The first chapter of Songs of Solomon is titled The Bride Confesses Her Love but the first verse was what caught my eyes. Solomon wrote songs about his love for his wife and the first verse of his book was dedicated to her. It made me think about whether or not the word SHE was significant to Solomon or that it was just a part of a writing format. If it did symbolize the love and how important his wife was to him then this was a perfect example of how I feel my husband’s love for me is measured.

The confession continues on with the bride talks about how she probably isn’t worthy of his love by talking down on herself. Solomon, however, didn’t think that way. Instead he was delighted to talk about her beauty and she eventually found confidence in herself. My husband gives me confidence the very same way by telling me I am beautiful and nothing else matters.


My husband didn’t write me a book but he has given 13 years of his time for our marriage. I always felt that I was the only one giving to this marriage, especially my time because women age so differently. If I pushed out the idea that I am the only one sacrificing I would be able to see that I was not worthy of his love, it was him who made me worthy.

Happy Anniversary to US. Happy Anniversary to all those who are celebrating their anniversary along with us.

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