This month my Bible reading plan is focused on the simple yet moving devotional book called The A,B,Cs of Christmas. The book has a 26-day Christmas theme that allows you to be more intimate with God and his plans during this season. I have so far loved the message that has been set for me as if God knew I needed to hear him but from a different point of view.

Day 3: C is for Sugar Cookies: Sweet to Trust Jesus

I know, I know, my apple pie looks like a slice of cheese but I tried my best. My only excuse was that I wasn’t careful at figuring out which color was best for the pie. Now that that’s out of the way, what is your favorite sweet treat during Christmas? Better yet what is the sweetest thing about Christmas for you?

Growing up I have always surrounded myself with my church and never around my immediate family. It wasn’t because my family and I weren’t close but that we just assumed that our church was all we needed. Overtime, my family started to drift from the church because of leadership issues. As for my husband’s side of the family, I actually don’t remember my first Christmas with them but the next couple of Christmas’ weren’t memorable because of family problems.

The best part about both families in the last 13 years since I got married is the growth that I have seen. My family has focused more on each other by making sure to have a family gathering of their own. These gatherings weren’t about the best food or gifts but simply just being together. My husband’s side of the family has learned to eliminate many things that caused family disagreements and now we can make it through the family gathering just fine. This is the the sweetness of trusting God to bring everyone together during a season.

This year my husband, daughter and I will be spending Christmas together and that’s the my sweetest part. Of course, it has a lot to do with the virus but since we moved out of my mother in law’s house, it has been just the three of us. Our family’s focus is to make sure that the meaning of Christmas is about the birth of Jesus.

Happy journaling and let me know if you got the kit for yourself. If you would like to see other projects surrounding The A,B,Cs of Christmas theme, check it out here.

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