In my last blog I shared the reason I detox from my social media accounts. During that time I didn’t know what I was going to do but I found things to do without getting discouraged. It was very refreshing and I have never been more motivated than now.


I finished 3 books but the main book that moved me the most was More Than Enough by Dave Ramsey. This book was given to me by my sister because she believed it would help me to see outside the box of finances and this was what I saw.

  1. Finances are always approached in the wrong way.
  2. One main marriage problem is money.
  3. Our past financial failures can always be fixed.

Worked Out

Broke my booty band while working out.

My workout started on January 13th focusing on four main workouts for two weeks straight. It wasn’t to lose weight or to look good but it was to feel good about myself. I wanted to tone my body to fit in my jeans without jumping around 10 times to get them on. I want to wear jeans to feel confident, to go hiking and feel comfortable or when I squat down to play with my daughter. Yes, leggings are a better option but I can’t always go that route to give myself an excuse and never set a new goal to attempt.

Financial Focus

Good Vibes Only

The past month of my detox I was able to achieve things that allowed me to feel good. Feeling good isn’t about loving myself but the positive environment I can set everyday for my family. For example, my husband said because I am not always tense anymore he feels like he can approach me with sharing his thoughts without me disagreeing all the time. What a wonderful milestone I was able to overcome and it only took 12 years.

Setting goals isn’t something we should feel bad if we can’t accomplish them. Goals are to help motivate us so that we can better ourselves based on our own need. I pray for motivation that everyone, whether we have written goals or wake up with one goal, would find peace in them.

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