My inspiration for plants were from social media and it’s blooming demands for house plants. I too thought that maybe I would be patient enough to care for a plant because it was “easy” based on what I saw. I was so wrong! Let’s get into my plant killing journey.

The ZZ plant was said to be the easiest plant to grow because you can’t kill it unless you intentionally kill it. My plant lasted until winter and it just kept turning weird colors. I thought that it was probably cold so I moved it away from our window but then it was not getting any sunlight. All in all it was a lost cause and I needed to toss it because it started getting spider mites. I could have saved it but I didn’t feel like I wanted to invest more into it.

Next I tried succulents and air plants. I definitely killed the succulents because I thought they were going to die due to not getting any water and sunlight. I moved the succulents closer to the windows, propagated some leaves and even let them dry out but it was another lost cause. The air plants, I forgot all about them and ended up letting them dry up because I didn’t soak them in water once a week.

After a couple of months I decided to purchase a fiddle fig plant from Target when they were doing a collaboration. I totally forgot to switch the plant out of the nursery pot and kept it in the pot for about a month. I believe I saw bacterial problems so I cleaned the roots, switched it’s soil and pot. A couple of weeks later it kept looking down and getting worse so I decided to propagate the plant and threw away the roots. This is the weekly outcome of what, Jonas, our plant has become.

Week 1
Week 2-3
Week 4
Week 5

My next step is to purchase fertilizer and root rot preventer care for Jonas. My family and I want to keep Jonas for as long as we can because we have all become to attached to him. I will update you all again and hopefully we will see Jonas flourish.

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