Last month I shared the story of Jonas, my fiddle leaf plant. Jonas was in his last breath before I decided to propagate it. Since then, I did tons of research, binge watched YouTube videos and waited patiently.

It was slow at first and seemed like nothing was happening then on week 5 Jonas’ roots grew out more than an inch long. I used my 4 inch pot, decorated by my daughter for Mother’s Day, to pot Jonas inside. This was where the real stress started.

Week 6

1. Here I used two pots so the water can drain without me having to worry about it overflowing.

2. Watered only 1-2 times a week because it was sitting directly in the light by mid afternoon.

3. Made sure that once I wake up the window shades had to be open for the morning light.

Week 7

There was no change during week 7 making me overthink things. I thought that if there wasn’t change it was probably because Jonas didn’t get enough water. This was also the week that I bought fertilizer to give Jonas after two weeks of being potted.

Week 8

HE’S ALIVE! Wow, I was not expecting the fertilizer to make such a big difference on how Jonas would grow. I assumed that the fertilizer wouldn’t be as healthy as water but I was wrong and amazed.


Looking back at the pictures week 7 had a little bit of distress too, I just didn’t notice it until now. My plan for ongoing care of Jonas will be to water less, check for root rot and allow the natural process of Jonas to grow without me overthinking.

The journey of Jonas will continue. Please come back to see how the problem gets solved.

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