This week is the start of a “normal” routine since the start of the pandemic. My daughter will be back to full time school, my husband will return to work more often and I will be returning to work. Stress has started to build up and the future is so unpredictable just like what we learned in 2020.

When the 2020-2021 school year started I was very hesitant, as were all parents, to send my daughter back to school. She was also aware of the situation and decided to home school for the first half of the school year. She was fine at first but started to have symptoms of missing playing with other children. After that she decided to try in person school in. She did so well in school along with her awesome teacher who worked so hard to keep her safe.

My husband had started returning to work more often and I think the schedule he has is so awesome. It helped because during that time my daughter was only going to school 4 times a week. He was home during the times that I had to run errands during the day without having to wait for him to return home or expose my daughter more than what I had to .

I am returning to work after a year of being out of work. I didn’t make much of an impact on our income when I did work but it helped with the little things. Also, I loved the environment that my supervisor had set up for everyone especially the flexibility when it came to my daughter. I can’t wait to interact with other parents, build more relationships and see old faces.

My stress is not knowing the future and what it may bring my family and I. The biggest change that my family and I had was moving out of my mother in law’s place. Can’t believe it’s already been a year. After realizing that, I gave my husband a high five because we did a great job for making it through a year of being “real adults.” It was definitely hard because I had to learn to budget and my husband had to learn that bills won’t define who we are.

Welcome to a new week.

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