The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. This past summer I read less books than I set for myself but I said enough and picked this book up from Walmart. This post is a total spoiler alert so don’t read it unless you don’t plan to get the book. I do recommend this if you need a book about friendship, bravery and a new start in life.

It takes place in the late 1930’s. The book’s focus is on a group of women who wanted to do more than what life had set for them. They took the opportunity to change their fates by joining the WPA Packhorse Library. The program was funded by Eleanor Roosevelt and the purpose was to hand deliver library books to those who did’t have ways or access to a book. The library gave the women meaning and something to live for because fate made them almost give up to life.

As the story progressed the Packhorse Library was targeted by a wealthy man who was also the father in law to one of the girls in the library group. Since he was the owner of a mining company he felt that if anything got in his way of business he would get rid of it. For example, in order to keep the work process going he would lie about the conditions of the work place. If his workers got hurt he would only support them for a month or so and stop the compensation. Adding on to his list of crimes, he framed one of the girls for a crime she didn’t commit and even killed her dog. He also physically hit his daughter in law, one of the main characters, leading to her divorce with his son. He tried everything in his power to destroy the women who helped educate people of their rights so he would lose power over them.

Through these heartbreaking moments it was the strength of these women that kept me believing in a better outcome. These women stayed true to themselves that eventually the towns people provided moral support, the people who received the library books helped deliver books and an the ex-husband of the main character started to change his life. The twist and turns might have been simple or ordinary but it’s not something you can’t relate with even in the new kind of era that we are living in. I give it a seven out of ten.

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