In 2019, I started trying Minimalism because I was always broke. The one product that I spent my money on was clothes. I can’t justify all the reasons for spending so much on clothes but I can share my two self improvements to guide you away from it.

The reason I loved clothes was that I look good in it and got compliments for it. For example, if I felt like the outfit I got two weeks ago was too out of date I would get a new one just for church. I thought that if I wore a new outfit that week for church I would get the most attention that day. This habit continued into my 20’s and I didn’t see anything else beyond spending money on clothes.

Self Improvements Ways

After much wasted money and clothes I decided to change my ways. First, it started with changing my mentality and it was that “God has already provided enough. I should not be greedy for something that won’t last an eternity .” As for my physical side, it was to just simply workout.

When my mentality was not focused on trying to show off I began to see what’s more important. I might have loved my physical body but my mind was not in the right place financially causing me to be ugly on the inside. If I didn’t change I would continue to spend money leading my family and I into more debt. For example, we only have one child to think about but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be thinking about her future. I should have some money saved for her to fall back on when it comes to getting her a car or to spend in college. If I don’t change my mind to set goals for my family this could also be a habit that my daughter can take with her into her future causing a cycle of financial problems.

In January 2021, I started working out more serious and was doing it on a daily basis. I believed that I was doing a good job but my clothes said otherwise. I thought it shrunk from the dryer so I threw away my clothes and bought new clothes. Without realizing it I was in denial and I thought the store sizing had changed. I was so upset at myself because I had a steady schedule of waking up, eating, not eating and when to sleep. Finally, I buckled down and focused on my workouts which meant less breaks and more repetitions. I am still a size 4 but my legs feel good when I put on my jeans. My stomach still hangs out when I sit but I don’t have to unbutton my jeans it to be comfortable anymore.

I believe that changing my mindset has helped me to love myself more and not worry about what others would think of me. While changing my mindset I changed my financial directions to working out to feel good. These two improvements have also impacted the way I communicate with my husband without “my way or the highway mindset and the way I approached decision making when it comes to our financial needs.

Not everyone has the same goals, but we can change.

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