Mentally. Over the past couple of years I noticed that I didn’t trust God in the things he had set and provided for me. I used money to fill in those needs that I felt I didn’t get from God or anyone else. Workout. I became so worried about my future that I noticed I started gaining weight leading to spending money on clothes. I believe that I have improved myself the past nine months with the changes that I made with the help of God and my family

Mentality Change.

How is it that I believed in God for so long but still have trust issues? It is because I don’t ground myself in God’s words to reassure me that he has everything under control? What I did was turn those blessings into selfish wants and not needs. I used up all the patience from my supporters that I started to get less responses. I started to feel that every little thing someone asked or said about me was to hurt me. I had to make a change.

  1. I put God first.
  2. I apologized for the burden that I put on people.
  3. I stopped taking everything as a personal attack.
  4. I slowed down the negative things I always have to say about everything.

Physical Change.

Growing up I went from a size 00 to now a 4. I used to care what others thought of me but I eventually learned that I didn’t have to please anyone especially with my physical looks. I forgot that setting goals and winning them are part of boasting one’s self. So I worked out 3-4 times a week, started and finished a 30 day Intermittent diet and cut out things that were never beneficial to my health.

  1. Must do a 30 minute workout and do it everyday or when I need motivation.
  2. Stopped drinking soda for more than 30 days.
  3. Didn’t stuff myself anymore when I was bored or stressed.

Overall, I didn’t save the money I saved from not buying clothes but I was able to put it towards a personal health need. I did however fit in my beloved clothes again and continue with my small wins.

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