Russell + Hazel

  • Leather Cover
  • Yearly Overview
  • Monthly Overview
  • Quarterly Goals
  • Tracking Habits
  • Notes
  • Time Stamp

Leather Cover

This planner was purchased at Target but they no longer have it on their website for me to share it so I linked it from Amazon instead. This is the first planner that I have used from January 2021 and soon to finish at the end of December 2021. It was such a joy to use it because of the leather cover that caught my attention. The cover is a nice green that doesn’t stand out like the inside of a lime but rather the skin of a lime. I felt like it was created just for my type of calm lifestyle but had enough space for when it was chaotic.

Yearly Overview

Although the planner has a list of holidays for you to see it isn’t written in the monthly overview. It might be a problem if you don’t remember to write it in the month that the holiday is in but it wasn’t much of a problem for me since I also use my phone calendar too.

Monthly Overview

The monthly overview starts on a Sunday and ends on Saturday along with a Notes section on the right and a Habit Tracker on the bottom. The squares were 1 inch long and wide which was perfect to write your events. One hack that I picked up at the end of the year was that instead of writing out my work schedule I would write *Work 3:55-6:22pm and draw an arrow through the other squares. This saves more space for the other things I might have to add into as the week goes by.

Tracking Habits

Underneath the monthly overview it was a tracker that I use to track my workouts. Also over the summer I purchased a fig plant and wrote it down on my tracker to remember to water it.


I love it that the notes section was simple and didn’t take up a lot of space. I didn’t have a lot to write about through out the year since I didn’t return to work until September.

Time Stamped

Since the monthly overview section was already provided I didn’t want a weekly overview. Instead I had opted for the daily page that has the starting time 7am-9pm which was exactly the time my family and I start our day. The time tracking helps me look back at what I did during that hour so I can visually see what my productivity was for the day. Then at the bottom it has a couple of lines to write down my To-Do list.

The 2021 Daily Planner by Russell + Hazel was my favorite planner for 2021. What was your planner for 2021?

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