Welcoming 2022 in my 30’s with a new shift in my life. I am so excited to share this news with all those who want to join me on my adventure. I am happy to announce my small business that has been on hold for a long time.

Small business

Pa.tite.Stationery is pronounced with my name in it when you take the letter “e” from the word petite.

Pa.tite.Stationery will be a place of handmade items that allows everyone to express creativity. Whether it’s through a written message, visually sharing or displaying them.

Small Woman

I have never thought about opening my own place of creativity because I was always a follower. I do believe that this new step in my life had a lot to do with my supporters. They helped me to change my personality for the better and critique the things that I needed to improve on. The best part about this small shop is that it’s small but it’s enough just like everything else that God has provided for me.

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