Hello everyone!

In my last post I shared that I had opened up a small shop on Etsy that focused on stationary items. I have also been working out a lot especially with figuring out the proper way to do the workouts more effectively. There has been other challenges that my family and I have come across but today is already set for today and tomorrow is for tomorrow.


My first products were hand stitched heart cards that is blank inside for whatever message the customer wanted to write. I also have a kit on how to make your own heart stitched card, sketchbooks and a few canvas bags. Although it was very stressful to stitch every pattern, I learned to love the stitches as an artful mistake.

Beach Bod

So I didn’t get the body I wanted last year but that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. It wasn’t until Feb 2022 that I started to see the change in my legs. I woke up one day to it feeling much firmer. I did all my workouts at home and once a month I do 2 laps in the pool to pump up my body. Honestly those 2 laps were just swimming away from my daughter to play tag but she didn’t mind because she loved swimming more than me.

Throughout my workout journey I learned that my core was very weak. My husband has pointed that out once that it all had to do with my core but I didn’t think much of it because I saw small results. I first started without educating myself so when I started those ”Abs in two weeks” videos I felt like I was just rushing along with them not knowing which muscle should actually be moving or why I was doing it. In my workout update post you can see that the top of my abs have started to form a little bit.

Life Challenges

Aside from what the world is going through, many people in my family and my husband’s family have been in our prayers. My brother had lost a brother in law and his mom isn’t doing well either. My family lost our last uncle from my mom’s side and now my husband’s sister has liver cancer.

May everyone find peace in what they do and be happy with what they have.

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