Everyone has their own workout routine and it usually begins with making mistakes. I was just so motived to lose my tummy that I picked whatever workout video got my attention more. I didn’t see any results after a couple of months of working out everyday. I eventually just worked out to get my exercise goal on my Apply Watch without really doing it properly.

Since I learned that my weak core was the reason my workouts were never really effective I started paying attention to how my muscles move. For example, when I am doing squats I think I am doing everything correctly until the 5th squat and my stomach is sticking out so I suck it back in. It might take me longer to get my workout done but it prevents me from straining my back and it makes my workout feel more effective.

The first week is to understand and get my body to feel the workout even if I am only spending 5-10 minutes. The second week I would do all the workouts in one setting making it a 30-35 minute workout. By the end of the second week I noticed my body getting used to it so thats when I changed to different workouts using the same method. As for the weekend, if I don’t get to go swimming I would just do another full body workout and rest on Sunday’s.

In reality I don’t always workout as life gets busy or when I’m on my period. As a woman, my body hormones don’t always work with my motivation to workout. There was even a time that I had stopped working out for two months because I wasn’t feeling it. The only motivation that had kept me going was that I knew myself and taking that two months break was for the best.

I do want to remind everyone that I am no expert in what I am sharing. This method/routine is what I made up for myself and it has worked out for me. I do recommend that you find out more information about workouts or get a professional trainer.

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