Welcome, Readers. My name is Pa Thao. I am a mom, wife and a lover of Thai food. Come along with me as I share things about my hobbies, family, fashion and lifestyle.

Fashion- Part 5

Holiday Edition Thao Family These outfits are what I have put together for my side of the family’s gathering this Thanksgiving. I might change them around based on the activities that we will have for that week, but this is the general idea. Tip: Since there is still time, pack what you have been wearing. […]


The Lovers Cage

There are many worlds and this one was a place full of magic, creatures, wizards, witches and love. The armory family were on vacation in the human world and as they were unpacking, Pricilla noticed that she forgot a few things. She told her husband, Ted, to go back home to grab the things she […]


Two Months Anniversary

Every milestone counts. Can you believe it’s been two months already since I started this blog? I already posted 10 blogs, received 24 likes and have 10 followers. I started this blog because I had so much to share and people said it would be a good idea. They were right about starting a blog […]